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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not needed! We will give you the correct training to help you get started and we will work along with you.

Of course! If you are already a solar expert, this is the opportunity to upgrade your business in this industry. Working with an easy and technological platform you can work from anywhere and have absolute control of your own business.

We all do so! The advantage of working with this technological platform is you will have the freedom to work from wherever you want. Also, the training and learning resources will always be available for you to access anywhere, anytime.

Sure! There are people who are excellent at generating leads but don’t want to become solar experts at all. You can provide those leads to our team and we will complete the sale. You will earn from every successful sale.

You have two ways:

1. Lead generation: You only need to find homeowners who want to go solar and submit them as leads on our platform. We will take care of closing the sale and you will earn from every successful sale.

2. Sales: You will earn income by submitting your own leads on the platform, developing the estimate, and closing the sale. But don’t worry, you will have an expert mentor to help you on every step until you feel confident to mentor new members.

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